Rocker Cover Racing

Rum City Rocker Cover Racing Challenge

The Rum City Rocker Challenge will continue to feature as part of this year’s Bargara Beach Rod Run event. It is planned to hold the formal challenge during the Auto Mazing Show n Shine on Sunday 6th October 2019. Entrants are encouraged to explore their creativity to create their racers for this years challenge.

The rules will be the same as last year’s event but in case you have forgotten, here are the details for the rocker cover challenge. The racing format will be explained on the day.

The Track

The track composes of two corridors each being 21cm (210mm) wide. The track is 9.5m long with the starting point being 1.8m (1800mm) above the ground. Vehicles are activated by a mechanically operated latch.

Compulsory technical features for the Rocker Cover Racers

- Maximum weight of the vehicle shall not exceed 4.5kg

- Maximum Length of the vehicle shall not exceed 700mm

- Maximum width of the vehicle shall not exceed 200mm (includes projections)

- Minimum Ground clearance of 20mm but not exceeding 60mm.

- Wheel type/diameter: free choice/unlimited

- Side Wheels (or stabilising wheels) are not permitted

- Decoration: only limited to your imagination (Be creative!)


Please be aware that scrutineering will take place prior to racing. Where vehicles do not meet the above criteria, they will not be permitted to formally race in the challenge but can race for "funnies" with any chosen competitor (with their agreement!).

We hope that all attendees get behind the spirit for some good old fashioned rocker cover racing.